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  1. aeroniemi

    UK Division SOP creation

    See here : https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnHRD9JOJzhvjaAA_27XZGFPH2To2A
  2. aeroniemi

    UK Division SOP creation

    I've put a oceanic procedures document in the downloads sector, Are you aiming for something like that?
  3. aeroniemi

    UK Division SOP creation

    Have a look at https://padlet.com/aeroniemi/posconuksop i've collated the things i've worked on already, feel free to add what you've done (columns - other facilities, rows - other data and docs)
  4. I'd assume it would be, as it is in reality, but the details would be worked out closer to the time of implementation
  5. aeroniemi

    UK Division SOP creation

    I think the best method here is to come up with a set of sections that need to exist for all airports in the UK, and then from that add extra sections as require at airports such as EGKK and EGLL. Maybe we should make some sort of shared thing to confer on these plans (i'll see what I can come up with), and allow people to add and edit the info that they know
  6. aeroniemi


    A good C-Series would be great, there's a number in development by newish developers for XP, but none of the major developers, likely due to the lack of data available
  7. aeroniemi

    ADX Screenshot Contest Prizes

    Some option for the people that use X-Plane rather than the lesser ESP sims
  8. Gibraltar is a strange one, as far as i'm aware, the airport is owned by the MoD, but serves primerally civilian traffic, and has civilian controllers on contract through the standard civil UK atc authority, NATS
  9. aeroniemi

    A Study Level E190

    X-Plane has x-crafts and SSG, idk if any are good, but the SSG one looks alright
  10. The UK has quite a few airports that are not within "Britain" as such, like LXGB Gibraltar, LCRA Akrotiri, EGYP Mount Pleasant, FHSH St Helena etc. What would the intended status be of these sites from a controlling perspective; would they fall under a UK division, or the local one, such as Cyprus for LCRA? Additionally, one of the complaints i've been informed of from VATSIM is that controllers from the area around one of these fields, such as cypriot or Spanish controllers find it difficult to get approved on these positions, in part due to a different system, although I can assume other factors are present.
  11. aeroniemi

    Welcome! Let’s become friends

    A ridiculously busy event is great, but ground is where it's at; so much more exciting than APP or enroute. I'm from SE England, I guess EGKK or EGLC is the nearest airport, but not by UK scale really - they're each 70+km away, but still the closest commercial fields. I generally fly some commercial plane to airports with RNAV/circling approaches; deliberately choosing the difficult option for the controllers (after all, that's what they're there for right?)
  12. aeroniemi

    New ADX Site Feedback

    I think, certainly for people that don't visit the forum so often that there's significant potential for confusion between what is POSCON, and what is ADX, and where the line (if any) is between the two; it's not that clear
  13. aeroniemi

    Readback of clerance

    It's dependent on what's included in the clearance as read by the controller, and where in the world you are: In UK airports one will generally get "cleared to [airport] via [sid], initial climb [as appropriate, often not included if published], squawk. " It would then be required that you read all of those components back, and the controller will ask you again for it should you not reply. Under my VATSIM experience in the DANUBE FAB (BG/RO/MD), it'd be required to read back at minimum sq. code, altitude, sid and QNH (as given at clearance)
  14. aeroniemi

    Q&A about POSCON network

    According to the Letter to users (11/15/17) The aim is to have beta around, or slightly after FSExpo in June 2018
  15. Eurocontrol is simply a association to make coordination between ANSPs work better, without having much say over what these ANSPs in each country do; more like ICAO than a divisional area

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