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  1. In this case, being light on add-ons is a good thing. I will link this to the developer. I know it might be a pain, but what would be great is if you can reproduce the issue and then give us steps to reproduce.
  2. Slew mode has nothing to do with the FPS detection. This is likely an addon. Can you please list all the add-ons used? Thanks
  3. I don't think we will have a server in China, no. But we would love to see Chinese players on the network. Other than hosting a server in China, is there anything else we can do to encourage Chinese players?
  4. Hello. I am a new pilot. happy to be with you. Thanks for accepting me.


  5. Our system should reacquire your flight as long as it is resumed in 15 minutes. Did your internet outage last for more than 15 minutes?
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, this ship has sailed. I think the real reason we decided not to allow complete freedom is we wanted to have a mix between gaming and simulation. We desire to have a professional platform, but we also understand that some people still view this as a game. In the end, we came up with a hybrid method. We give you options for your display name on HQ, with the option to even go completely anonymous by using your user ID: and your Forum name is up to you:
  7. We do not have a public facing API yet for other map sources to use our data. This is something that is on the list for the future though!
  8. Email your request to: [email protected] Make sure you use the email you registered with.
  9. Due to a lack of interest in the VFR Sessions as a standalone event, we will be combining tower staffing with the ATC group flights going forward. The weekend of the 10th and 11th, there are no scheduled events.
  10. Introducing POSCON Weekly VFR Sessions Join us every Saturday between 1700z and 1930z as we staff up regional air traffic control towers on the Positive Control Network with live ATC. This is a great opportunity to practice your aviation phraseology and get feedback from controllers on how you are doing, while simultaneously helping POSCON test the ATC system. Come and enjoy your new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with POSCON's high refresh/update rates and unmatched audio technology. How will it work? Every Saturday, we will staff up a new air traffic control tower a
  11. We are pleased to announce the release of POSCON's X-Plane Pilot Client 1.1 Beta 8. This release brings a whole host of changes including: Completely new user interface. Support for the new TCAS API that exists in X-Plane 11.50. Basically, this allows you to see more than 19 aircraft on TCAS and you no longer need to set up ASK21s. VR support. New multiplayer traffic library. A much larger selection of multiplayer models. Yes, the Concorde is now in there! New joystick/key bindings for ghost/unghost toggling. The ability to control VHF radio volume fro
  12. I am pleased to announce that Matt Bromback has been promoted to be our next Director of Training! As a real-world airline pilot, flight instructor, and flight simulation enthusiast for over 20 years, Matt is more than qualified to serve as the Director of Training for the POSCON Network. Matt and I have known each other for over 10 years and have a history of flying together IRL at a previous airline job. We share a similar vision to how the network training will be designed and administered. I am confident he will be able to create the best training environment available on flight simulatio

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