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  1. Did Rob's solution solve the issue?
  2. The problem is we don't have control over a P3D/FSX/MSFS model set. Our loose relationship with FLAi was the closest we have gotten to having some sort of influence over a model set for those platforms, but FLAi ended up going bust. This is in stark contrast to how we handle X-Plane. Right now, we are fully in control of the X-Plane model set. If you have any suggestions on how we can get our hands on a model set for P3D/FSX/MSFS, then your wish is my command and we can ensure commonality between the sets. Until then
  3. So, the only difference between our X-Plane library/client and IVAO is the fact you can choose a variant? If this is the case, then you will be happy to know our API supports it, but we haven't implemented it yet.
  4. I have never used IVAO's, can you give me a tour of it or link me to a good video?
  5. Have you guys tried our X-Plane library? Wondering if the technique we used with that library would be better suited for other simulator platforms in the future?
  6. We are working to support your military division requests. Waiting for some website support. Expecting it to come in the month of April, hopefully.
  7. First a point of clarification, because it is to me very confusing. When you refer to "sectors" you should be using the terms "legs" or "flight segments" Anyway, when you connected to the network, in the connection window where it asks you to specify your ADS-B callsign - did you change this between flights, or leave it the same for both?
  8. Don't expect that feature to be implemented soon
  9. We should move one of these topics to the rightful place, Feature Requests. Which one would you like to move?
  10. You have two accounts in the forums. I deleted one. Try logging out and back in again
  11. This should be resolved now with beta 36.
  12. While some of the steps to this procedure can still apply to help fixes, it is not entirely important anymore and thus I am going to unpin and unfeature.
  13. I understand what you are saying and I do respect the fact you are trying to give constructive feedback. We have many ATC applications to review and when we begin onboarding ATC, I feel like the online numbers will change. If they don't, you can be sure we will look into policy changes. However, right now we are not willing to give up on this CBT policy until all other measures have been exhausted though. It is easier to set the tone now with the CBT, than to wait until we have 80000 active members and then try to change things to be more professional.
  14. Noted. Probably not going to change though and here is why: First, you can access the service in the Ghost mode without watching the CBT. You get all the features except the ability to talk on the radio and be seen by other pilots. Second, we are asking 20 minutes of your time for full access to this free service. I think that is a small price to pay. Thanks for your comments though.

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