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  1. I found a post a while back saying that it was initially going to be live about now but it's been pushed back until around the end of the year.
  2. Andrew just posted in another thread about it.
  3. To add (I would edit my post above but I can't) my friend just told me that the first time it didn't have an error but redirected back to a sign in/sign up area, not a registration confirmation. This leads me to believe it's not just a simple error and the email in use is indeed a valid output, so the registration should be in the ACP somewhere. If an admin is available to do so, could they check the IPB ACP and see if members registered in the last few days have some discrepancies and/or manually validate them?
  4. My friend is also having this problem. I tried to sign up on his behalf and it did it to me, too. I only registered a day before he started trying and worked for me then!

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