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  1. Simple request, For those of us who will be streaming our ATC sessions or flights. Can we had a checkbox in both the ATC and pilot clients where we can fill out Twitch/YouTube stream links?. Then on whatever display program(POSCONs VAT-Spy) those who are streaming will have either a special color, border around their name or a section in the program where if you click on their ID it will bring you to their streaming page. There could also be a dedicated page on POSCON showing who is live streaming. it would go along way in visually marketing POSCON to random people coming along to the site and a centralized area for POSCON members to watch others live on the network.
  2. I think he means A.I. ATC for high level enroute sectors where no human ATC is online. So if you check in with A.I. enroute ATC through CPDLC, you'll get an 'intelligent response' back.
  3. ATC should accommodate where possible but still retain the right to refuse abnormal situations. Otherwise if ATC is forced to deal with abnormal situations people will abuse it and troll to cause problems. You wouldn't like to be put into a holding pattern or forced to divert because ATC had no choice and had to deal with an abnormal situation.
  4. I imagine it may be because POSCON is still in its early development stage without the ability to really get 'hands on'. There was a lot of chatter, even a store page on steam about 'ROTATE' prior to its abvoius money grab kickstarter and subsequent demise for not making its $100,000(I think) target. Some people were looking forward to a June beta that has been pushed back to a end 2018/early 2019 date. I understand development takes time but I really think you guys missed the summer influx of pilots/ATC that the other networks get, also with FSX/Xplane in the steam summer sale. As I only really do my VATSIM ATC streams I'll be trying out POSCON once it goes publicly live but an aggressive marketing strategy prior to it should be done.
  5. **Nevermind, was told via PM**
  6. Will we be able to connect the ATC client via a proxy to FSX/P3D/Xplane to we can see traffic in game for aerodrome operations(DEL/GND/TWR)?.
  7. Can't wait to look at landing traffic from the tower if they're as fluid as this!. Great job guys!.

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