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  1. Hi Scott, have a look in the FAQ section, there you should find some answers you´re looking for. Frequently Asked Questions - POSCON There´s also a video on youtube about filing a FP on POSCON.
  2. In earlier versions doing the "LOGON TO" was enough to receive the squawk --- but now with partly implemented CPDLC functions only doing "LOGON TO" won´t generate a squawk anymore, it just enables the blue/black buttons to grey/white buttons. To receive squawk, click on Clearance Request, and request clearance. Then you´ll receive a squawk, which you also should acknowledge with WILCO
  3. Aktuell gibt es aber kein Divisions-Spezifischer Content, weswegen eine aktive Bewerbung momentan keinen Sinn macht. Ich vermute eher, dass im Ursprungsplan eine frühere Eröffnung einiger Divisionen vorgesehen war (daher die Division Discord Server), aber dann haben die Devs sich umentschieden und haben das Thema rund um die Divisionen nach hinten verschoben. Sobald die Divisionen von den Devs fokussiert werden, bin ich mir sicher, dass dann der deutsche Discord und der Forum hier aktiver werden.
  4. Check here (FAQ) for your answer: https://forums.poscon.net/docs/faq/#pilot15
  5. There is no ATC yet. The client isn't ready. For further questions about ATC check FAQ.
  6. Or maybe somewhere in Norway flying through the fjords, for example around Bergen ENBR? I would suggest around 18-20z, then Europeans & Americans have the chance to participate
  7. Yes there is. Register "Support", then "Support Request", open a ticket with the department "POSCON Feedback Platform". There you have it
  8. Habe you already checked the FAQ? I think there was something about FS2020
  9. Let´s see what you have to show on August 31st on Twitch That with Twitch is a fantastic idea! I hope that POSCON will have regular Twitch Streamings in the future, once it´s really released. Twitch does have an impact on certain clientele and with a professional streamer (who also knows how to fly correctly ) you will for sure get a lot of attention and new pilots
  10. Yeah definitely good news! Glad to hear that POSCON is on track and that the BETA Team is being extended. I very much like your plan for the Division Staff, especially that you´re looking for way to get members involved Sadly I can´t pay a visit to the FS Expo but I wish you guys a great weekend!
  11. On IVAO Emergencies are allowed, but in certain circumstances (event / exam / training) the emergency might be declined to be handled. As an CTR ATC I handle emergencies as followed: - If the pilot simulates the emergency correctly, I try to help him as best as I can, no matter how much traffic I have. - but if I get the feeling that the emergency is fake (like 2 engines on fire and still flying as if nothing was wrong or even flying an go around) then I tell the pilot to continue his emergency on Unicom. I have not the time nor the energy to take care of a fake emergenc

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