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  1. Contributing to the discution, at the begining, it may sound unfamiliar but big jet engines use pressurized air to start up. The air is ducted to a device on the engine that turns air pressure into movement of the aircraft engine itself. After a given rpm the engine ignites itself and becomes self sufficient. This pressurized air may came from APU, aircraft engines or an External Power Unit. Once APU or aircraft engines (aircraft engines are also source of pressurized air) are available on their rated rpm, they can feed other systems which rely on pressurized air like anti-icing, aircraf
  2. Hi! I'm Julio. Work as military aircraft mechanic, on Brazilian Air Force in real life, and enthusiast at flight sim! I have a couple of real hours piloting as PP as well. Started my flight siming passion with FS2002, passing through 2004 and FSX. Now my main sim is P3d v4. I have also XP11 but I actually invest money on P3d. I have been away from sim for some months but after upgrading my machine I wanna get back and learn more about sims and aviation itself. Today I was reading about flight sims and found out about POSCON. It seems awesome! I hope it works and fill some lacks when

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