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  1. Piggybacking off of what Scott said, there is also multiple youtube videos on that channel to help you get started with all the basics. Hope this helps, Andrew
  2. Hello! Welcome to POSCON! Thanks for your message on the forums, POSCON is still growing so there is probably some things that they could use some help for. Ill mention Andrew, the president, below so he can see your thread! Take care, and have a wonderful day! Andrew @Andrew Heaththis ones for you!
  3. Good morning Joe! Below I have linked a beginner tutorial that explains most of POSCON's core features. Please let me know if you have any additional questions Andrew
  4. Alrighty, did you get everything figured out because from the looks of it everything looks good. Thanks, Andrew
  5. Could be an issue with STKP, make sure you are setting your departure time within around 20 minutes of what you are actually planning on, that is my rule of thumb and I have never had an issue with it. If you do it too soon, it might not take it and think it is too late to activate, id suggest just updating the time on the actual poscon website, and personally I do everything on the website and it works like a charm, try doing one entirely on the website, then proceed with trying to activate it again. That should work, if it does not, I suggest potentially reinstalling poscon, and making sure
  6. Hey I am just reading this now, make sure you are logging into the correct area as well, it will tell you where you need to log into after you submit your flightplan, right next to the communications and D-ATIS portion. Please let us now if you have any other issues, and if you were able to fix it. Happy landings! Andrew
  7. I really thought it 100% had to be a new simulator or some crazy project for an existing one. I was very wrong though, it ends up it was some boring forums website with guides and tools for flight sims.
  8. A few friends of mine were having the same issue but have not in a few days, I think your update did the trick.
  9. Hello Nick! I, along with some other people have experienced the same issues, I recommend the following things to ensure you will not see this error. -Make sure you that your callsign in the flight plan is matched with your "LOGON" tab with the Web UI. This is very important because of POSCON's advanced system for flight tracking. The information is read when the transponder is squawking the corresponding code assigned to the callsign, and if you did not enter the right callsign on login, it will not be able to pull out a route or data because one did not technically exist in the eyes of
  10. Hello @KSI I am just rolling around to this now, but I see that your last question was asking about steam. Nobody has reported any issues from what I have heard yet, and my X-Plane runs off steam too. Steam is just a global shop for the game, the game files themselves are the exact same so nothing should be altering that, I recommend running the updater for X-Plane if you get any issues with this. Cheers Andrew
    Awesome file, really love the detail, and a great way to show off POSCON!
  11. It should not affect flying, its only productive.
  12. I feel that the controllers of the area, will all be tested on the same network administered standardized training. As the network progresses, the local ARTCC's/FIR's will have control on "in area" training. Such as exams and check outs.

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