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  1. Thanks Jarrett for this nice informative post. I have a question though. I have seen this 'W' indicator before when controlling using Euroscope, I could understand that it was an RVSM indicator. But where in the flight plan (at least the ICAO format) is it indicated?
  2. @Tarek A. please join this club and the Discord server above as well!
  3. Hello again, As far as SOPs go, we previously created a document for VATSIM pilots flying in/out of OJAI with simple outlines: here. Aslo, for air traffic controllers willing to control in Jordan, @Mahmoud Fadli has created some documents long ago that I took as a reference to make a new one: here. For POSCON, I intend to help making newer versions, probably more detailed and with proper referencing to the official AIP. I wonder what POSCON is looking for or expecting the ACCs to deliver and how to deliver it. I can get help from many pilots and controllers in Jordan (hopefully), and I welcome help from any Jordanians here who joined and are willing to assist!
  4. Join the official POSCON Jordan Server from this link: POSCON Jordan.
  5. Hey guys, Our current sector files are in (.SCT) format, negative (.SCT2). As Mahmoud stated, I made some minor changes to those files, adding waypoints and SIDs, and also making a new ground layout. We have the latest charts for our main airport (OJAI) from the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC). Let me know if there's anything I can do, always ready!
  6. This is great! I am ready to support the Jordanian Division! I can also offer my help with sector files and procedures if necessary.

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