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  1. Hello Elias, Sorry for the delayed reply! Windows 7 is not supported unfortunately. You will have to update to Windows 8 or greater for the POSCON Launcher and Clients to work. Sorry Hope you can join us soon though!
  2. Hey Tommaso, This is probably a known issue for the developers, but I'm not sure. But just in case, I would suggest sending it as a bug report via a support ticket. That way you could ensure it reaches the support team who will delegate it to the devs.
  3. Hello Nick, This is a common problem that happens with pilots who do not activate their flight plans properly. Did you get a squawk code from the Web UI? To access the replay, you would have to go to your flight plan briefing page. When it is correlated properly, you will see the replay button on the top right corner. But if it wasn't correlated (i.e. you got a squawk code and departed within the 2-hour window) you will not see that button. In addition to that, your recent flights show the "connections" and not the flight plans. So if you got disconnected, it might show a sepa
  4. Hello everyone, The UAE airspace is now officially ready for ATC operations! The facility data team have been working hard to getting OMAE FIR ready, and we are glad to announce more ATC sessions upcoming, keep your eyes on the calendar!
  5. Thanks KSI, this will definitely help answer questions for other people, glad you posted your answers!
  6. Hello again, Discord is not a must, and we respect your wish. It is just a faster way to reach a large amount of members. For the flight plan that you tried to import, do you still have the file? I can take a look and reach the developer for further debugging. Sometimes the error code that you receive can describe what is missing/wrong, so if you remember what it says please let me know! And please remember this is still a beta program. We are trying to break things as much as we can so we could cover all the errors before the big launch!
  7. Hello KSI, As for your forth question, yes there is an import button that takes `.fpl` files in the Flight Plan Creation page, as shown here: Not related, but you might also want to link your Discord account, if you have one. The public POSCON Discord is an easy and quick way to get support in the appropriate channels. The administrators and moderators always keep an eye there. Not that they don't do here, but thought I'd let you know!
  8. Jordanian Division - Group Flights © Credits to @Omar Malhas (1018226) for the beautiful screenshot! This forum post is dedicated to announcing pre-organised group flights in Jordanian airspace. Suggested rules to keep the discussion organised: Mention the date and planned time of departure, in addition with the aircraft type or category preferred for this flight. Please try to limit the posts to announcement rather than comments and questions, just to enable people to subscribe and receive notifications whenever there's a group flight. Members can add reactio
  9. Hello Alexander, As far as I'm aware, the ATIS functionality isn't completely available at this time, but the developers are working slowly to get it up and running. You may however request a METAR from WEB UI under Company > WX Request.
  10. This week we are going to the United Arab Emirates, and we will conduct our VFR session at Dubai Intl. [OMDB]. Overview Dubai International Airport [OMDB] is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic. It is also the fifth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, the sixth-busiest cargo airport in the world, the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements, and the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight. Emphasis Items Due to the
  11. I don't think many would mind what region the flights are focused at, what 's important is to try and figure out what time could suit US-based and European-based users the most. For that, I know most EU-based people will be active between 1200z and 2300z tops. If US-based members can make a compromise, we can target a Saturday or a Sunday when most people are home without obligations and can fly.
  12. Touching on some of the points above, and as Zachary said, it is crucial that POSCON avoids repeating the mistakes committed in the past by other 'legacy' networks. ATC Training has been a huge part of my duties as the only staff member in one of the networks only because I was the only active member qualified enough to provide basic training. And of course, since I am not that experienced, training takes more effort, longer time, and many mistakes to be able to perfect it as much as possible. There was never a reliable system for ATC training to be adopted for the division's needs, so we ha
  13. Thanks Jarrett for this nice informative post. I have a question though. I have seen this 'W' indicator before when controlling using Euroscope, I could understand that it was an RVSM indicator. But where in the flight plan (at least the ICAO format) is it indicated?
  14. @Tarek A. please join this club and the Discord server above as well!

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