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  1. OK, It seems this was a case of user error! Problem now solved and it is 100% down to me being a numpty! Sorry to be a nuisance and thanks for your efforts guys.
  2. Welcome Daniel. As I understand it, applications for ATC positions are currently closed so it may not be possible. If memory serves there is an announcement on the Discord server with the details.
  3. Thanks for your input Chris. No, never got a squawk code at any airport yet.
  4. I have tried a handful of flights over the last few weeks, all with different origin and destination points, so not just EGJJ. I do not get a message to state the connection is successful, although the dialogue bar at the bottom does say it has been sent.
  5. Sorry to drag this one up again, but this newbie is having the same issue. Flight plan filed and pending (EGJJ-LOWI). Logon to CPDLC using LFRR (suggested in flight briefing page), connects and sends. No message comes back with squawk code. The "Clearance Request" button remains de activated and un clickable, as do all buttons on the ATC menu except logon. Anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks Pete

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