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  1. Thanks Andrew. I'm always glad to see it's not just me having a problem.
  2. My last two flights have been in a Cirrus SR22TN. I wasn't able to get a squawk code for either one. The first time I logged in as airplane code S22T (the proper ICAO code for this aircraft) and I thought maybe that designation is not in the POSCON database, so today I entered as an SR22, which I chose from the dropdown. I never got a squawk code for either one. Is it something about the Cirrus, or is it just me being an old guy and missing something obvious? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Greetings! I've had a situation occur twice (the second time today) in which my internet connection dropped out while I was in the air. After restarting my router and logging back on I tried to get as much of my POSCON stuff back as possible. My flight briefing came back up just fine but when I looked at my pilot info on the live map there was no flight plan listed. Rather than screw things up further (which I am famous for) and try filing another flight plan I thought I would ask this question: how should this be handled? Should I refile the flight plan in the air or just finish the flig
  4. HI all, Dave from Colorado here. I live just a couple of miles north of KFNL (which has the U.S.'s first virtual tower BTW), and only about 30 or so miles west of Rich C. I have my PPL but haven't flown as PIC in many years. Had too much life get in the way. I like to fly GA aircraft from the C172 up to bizjets in X-Plane 11. Also I fly for Solaris VA, although not as often as I used to. Hope to see you online.

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