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  1. Thanks, Mark Just flew the same route with the new version and I didn't have a single occurance of "slew mode"-detection. Nick
  2. Hello again, flew the same route again, this time I had only one occurance of "slew mode"-detection, see log line 1538. Log.txt
  3. PS: - FlywithLUA and Poscon's variant of Autospeed were active as well (but no other LUA scripts), I didn't mention it as it came with the POSCON installer. But I just reread the manual and noticed it's optional to use (I do not use any FlywithLUA-dependant add-ons nor Autospeed when I fly with other networks) No worries, that's what a Beta is here for I'll try the same flight later on. Anything other than X-Plane's log I should retain?
  4. Thanks for the swift reply. Aircraft used: ToLiss A321 (A21N variant), ver. 1.2.2 X-Plane 11.52r1 I'm very light on add-ons: - Headshake - Navigraph Simlink - WebFMC
  5. Hello, I completed three shorter flights during the last few days and noticed the mode reverting to "ghost" due to "slew mode" detected during CRZ phase. I'm aware X-Plane slows down simulation rate if fps drops below 20, but that has not been the case, the sim ran with 40-60 fps and I flew routes I frequently use on the two other networks (same scenery), without getting any fps alerts. I have real weather active, with 15 minute update intervals - could a weather update be the cause?

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