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While transmitting, do not hear myself in headset

Peter 1028518

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In RL aircraft you hear yourself speaking through the microphone when transmitting etc, the intercom arranges that.

In X-Plane with the its POSCON client that is not the case, a very strange experience, not hearing yourself in the headset.

Should I set something that I can hear myself in the headset when speaking?

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Hello Peter,

You're right, that's the "sidetone" effect. I've only just read about it.
The current versions of POSCON Pilot Clients don't support this effect. This might be coming in future versions of POSCON Voice though!

Speaking of that, we are very close on releasing a new version for all clients that supports an upgraded version of voice. It has been in development for a year, and it's more realistic and robust that the current version. Join our Discord to get the announcement early! You also can link your Discord and POSCON accounts to get the roles and access to all channels!

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