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COMM Speakers

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I was fiddling around with my PMDG 747 today and got to thinking. With vPilot audio is run strictly to and from it, it only receives the inputted freq from the aircraft. Now I don't know if this is a PMDG task or possibly the client that POSCON uses, but would it be possible to use the speaker function within the aircraft? I have attached a photo of what I am talking about for those of you who don't get at what I am saying.

I feel this can be beneficial for a few reasons.

1. Pilots that fly for a few hours don't want their headset on the entire time. While this can be fixed by just going into the settings of the client and selecting a different audio source, I think it will add to the realism and be one of those "cool features"

2. For pilots of step away for a few minutes to grab a drink, it can be a quick selector to switch from headset to speaker

3. REALISM, lol everyone wants that right?


Just some thoughts, like I said I don't know if that is something that would go into PMDG coding or something that would be working with the pilot client.speaker.thumb.PNG.0fad29f123e4a0af703d861ff8720524.PNG

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On 6/17/2018 at 7:54 AM, aeroniemi said:

In the case of X-Plane it's not very much effort to do that even with XSB; just need a small lua script (or it could be included to the plane, as in the case of a few) to define the required datarefs. No clue about P3D though


I tried looking for lua scripts for it, but no one has one out there and I have no idea what i'm doing lol. I really dont know how this question hasnt been brought up before.

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