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Linux support / Swift client support


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Hi all,

I wasn't sure if this qualified as a feature request. But I thought a discussion would be useful for everyone...well at least me!

So Laminar Research have release X-Plane 12 beta this week. It looks really nice from what I saw in the demo. There are many bugs to fix though & it could be a while before the product  is stable.

With this release of XP12, which I will be moving to when it is stable, it will mean that I will stop with Microsoft Windows & move over to Linux.

So my question is if there are any plans for the POSCON client to support Linux (& Mac) platforms & the timeframe in which that might happen.

As I was thinking about this post, it also occurred to me that there is a client called Swift which is an open source client that runs on Windows, Linux & Mac. It connects to both MS & X-Plane flight simulators.

It also connects to the VATSIM network & a network called x-flightserver that is used for small group flying & with ATC.

Details about Swift are found here: https://swift-project.org/ & details about x-flightserver can be found here: https://x-flightserver.net/#

As Swift is open source, anyone can modify it to suit their own purpose.  Everything is found on Github. So, 1 of the possibilities is to use it to connect to the POSCON network instead of the POSCON client. It supports model matching & voice communication.

Also, it can run on a separate LAN PC if desired & connect to the simulator on another machine.


As I'm not on DISCORD, I would be grateful if someone could ask folks there to contribute to this topic if they feel they've got something to say.





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