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Pilot/ATC Data download

Ian Niblo

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Hi all,

Will POSCON provide a flat-file download (like the VATSIM data file) for those of us who rely it for up-to-date ATC data in their cockpits?

Like a lot of Builders I've written my own software, some of which relies heavily on the VATSIM data file to get this info. Sure would hate to lose the functionality it enables.





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  • 2 years later...

While I know you are all hard at work behind the scenes, it would be great to get some accessibility to this data for 3-party developers for phone apps, websites, and others (like Orbx Volanta). This would give greater visibility to Poscon and it would likely increase traffic. Looking forward to having access for our own website usages as well.

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13 hours ago, Andrew Heath said:

We should move one of these topics to the rightful place, Feature Requests. Which one would you like to move?

I would suggest Luke 1026107 other thread, it has more details. If your looking for some folks to test what might be available, it sounds like there are several of us willing to do so.

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