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Simple request,

For those of us who will be streaming our ATC sessions or flights.

 Can we had a checkbox in both the ATC and pilot clients where we can fill out Twitch/YouTube stream links?.

Then on whatever display program(POSCONs VAT-Spy) those who are streaming will have either a special color, border around their name or a section in the program where if you click on their ID it will bring you to their streaming page.

There could also be a dedicated page on POSCON showing who is live streaming.

it would go along way in visually marketing POSCON to random people coming along to the site and a centralized area for POSCON members to watch others live on the network.



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I stream regularly my ATC sessions from VATSIM and IVAO.  In light of the EU GDPR, IVAO's policy is that controllers who stream must state so in their controller ATIS and if a pilot requests not to be in the stream, the stream must be terminated.  The EU's privacy policy is causing all kinds of changes in how global online networks protect user data.  This is just one example of streaming and the EU policy.  Adding a checkbox/datafield about streaming seems a good idea is this light.

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