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April 2019 Development Update

Andrew Heath

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Good morning all! Here is just a quick update on our progress since January:

  • We launched a new marketing site! If you haven't seen it already, take a look at https://www.poscon.net . For now, we are consider this site a "launch page", but long term it will evolve into a landing page used for attracting prospective members to the network. When we launch, existing members will rarely visit this page since they will have a "portal" to access all the network features. A few notes about the marketing site:
    • We are aware of some graphical errors on large monitors and are working to fix those errors.
    • Expect the content to evolve over time, but the branding will remain the same for the foreseeable future.
  • Pulling from internal recommendations from our established team, we expanded our closed beta team to over 65 testers. While no decision has been made yet in regards to further expansion, there is a pretty good possibility we will expand again in the near future.
  • Both pilot and ATC development are making amazing headway! Expect a flood of previews to start showing up on social media in the near future. If you haven't liked/followed our pages, I strongly encourage you to do so as that is where a majority of our previews will be posted:
  • A plan has been established for Open Beta, but we are not yet prepared to release all the details of that plan. The one thing I will say for certain is that the Open Beta will not be open 24/7. The reason for this is to ensure we always have network staff in place to handle the various issues that may arise during testing.

There is definitely more I didn't mention, but I hope to make these posts a little more often now, so stay tuned for future updates.

Have a pleasant weekend.

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