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Just a few questions

Javier Y.

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so as a long time vatsim user, forever I have been complaining about the garbage codec and ancient systems which is how I found out about this. 

(1) What is the relationship you guys are planning to have with vatsim? Purely competition or some kind of cooperation?

(2) How will pilot ratings be obtained?

(3) What features will the shared cockpit or crew function have since I do a lot shared cockpit. Will pilots need smartcopilot and how will this affect the rankings?



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1. No cooperation at this time, that ship has sailed.

2. No pilot ratings on POSCON - we don't believe they are needed as we have another system to determine pilot ability.

3. Yes, you will need smartcopilot or some other 3rd party add-on (for now). That last question about "how will this affect the rankings" is a very valid question and it is not something I actually thought of so thank you for bringing it to my attention. I think the rankings will apply to whoever is the "primary" pilot.

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The issue that I have with that system is that when you are defining primary pilot, are you saying the pilot flying? The pilot flying would not be the same pilot as the one speaking with ATC so are you saying that the pilot speaking with ATC would get no credit or vice versa?

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I love Shared Cockpit too with the A320.

I would be totally fine if only one gets the time. I think Pilot Monitoring should get the time, as he talks to the ATC. We normally swap the rules after each flight, so both would get enough hours.

Do you think Shared Cockpit will be available at the beginning? - so both might log on but only one will be visible on the radar? That would be a amazing step for everyone flying Shared Cockpit, to get a even more realistic feeling, thanks Andrew

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