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How to submit your Flight Plan in POSCON

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Great flight and seems like all worked great.  A couple of things I need for clarification with this beta.

First;  In this beta flight what is supposed to work . In the WEB UI there is a lot of blue that doesn't seem to activate and the ones that do activate seem to really do nothing for the flight.  But probably just beta situations.

Second;  I agree with info on flight plan.  For those that use sim brief ;  File the flight plan with the 3 options world be great. all the info is there with one click.  

Third;  In the flight I was using ATC radio from the sim that changed radio Freq  and squawk as needed.  But When I went into the radio I saw that there was a different squawk code so I squawk that code thinking that this was the correct one for POSCON Control.  I set up the flight plan in POSCON and submitted it but don't know if it was rec and was being used in the flight. I have to think that it was. I used what items were available in WEB UI.  

At this time in  Beta and first flight is there anything else that I need to be seeing working?

In the flight I was put into the ghost mode,  Why????

Hope this will help abit with new people .



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On 4/5/2020 at 9:05 AM, Joaquin Mocellin (1017059) said:

hi,  how can i get the client?? 

Hello Joaquim.

Currently the client could be accessible only if you had receive an invite for the participation to POSCON Invite only Beta phase 1. As I can see, your profile have now the indication "registered users" and not the "members" status.

The clients can be accessible only if you're approved.

Hope to see you soon inside POSCON Network!! 

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