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  1. MMFR is what I would have tried based on SkyVector. However, when you file your flight plan on the HQ website, the response contains the CPDLC login authority, as well.
  2. FLAi was a massive undertaking into which many, many hours of time were devoted over the space of many, many months. The fact that it was so large and comprehensive, and its licensing problem so sudden and without warning, that replacing it is an equally massive undertaking. Unfortunately it's the sort of situation that many complain about but few step up to help. I'm sure that given enough time, a new solution will emerge once someone decides they have the time and energy to take it on. But like you said, that's extremely unlikely to be a short-term project.
  3. I would also ask that you please keep a positive outlook. We are still in beta testing. Your purpose here is to help us find these issues and fix them, not to berate us for them. Thanks.
  4. Did your first question ever get adequately answered? You can launch X-Plane as you wish. Doing so from the Launcher is just a convenience, and as far as I can tell is only there for symmetry because the FSX/P3D/MSFS client has a "Launch" button as well. Your issue with the plugin not detecting the Launcher is not related to that. Are you running the Launcher as an admin?
  5. Under X-Plane itself, the Plugins menu, go to POSCON and log onto the network.
  6. Applications to operate ATC on POSCON are now available. HOWEVER, consideration will ONLY be given to those who have substantial ATC experience from other networks, as there is currently no ATC training infrastructure on POSCON. Candidates will only be considered who would be able to on-boarded with a bare minimum of familiarization training. Apply here: https://forms.gle/apA7JaJzRGbSFQzD8
  7. Hi, all -- one VERY IMPORTANT NOTE. When you open the Launcher and connect to POSCON, **DO NOT** select "Use Development Environment." Leave that UN-CHECKED or else you will NOT be in the same server cluster as the rest of the Beta Testers for flight plan filing, squawk assignment, and visibility to each other and on the live map. If you are connected and don't see yourself on the map, or don't see buttons within the Web UI becoming active, this should be the first thing you check for. Thanks!
  8. From all of the staff, volunteers, and beta testers here at POSCON, we would like to offer you a welcome and thank you for joining us. Many have worked and contributed over the past two years (and longer, in some cases) to make POSCON become the Online Aviation Network you’ve been waiting for. Countless hours testing four popular Flight Simulator brands have created a seamless and global live multiplayer environment with a focus on new technologies and immersions. We hope you enjoy the our new platform and experience new challenges and skills, and maybe make some new friends along the way.
  9. Hi, Pavel -- Please read through the ATC section of the Frequently Asked Questions. Your questions are answered there. https://forums.poscon.net/docs/faq/
  10. If you have access to the beta, it's at hq.poscon.net under Library. The beta is still invite-only at this point, but, inching closer to open every day.
  11. Hi, Alex -- Your question is answered here: https://forums.poscon.net/docs/faq#pilot15
  12. On mobile, the link to the POSCON Discord is right across the top of the screen.
  13. Enough that Andrew decided it was worth asking.
  14. Personally I love the Oshkosh idea. But if we decide that can't work, here's a thought. If we want to do something conducive to both GA and airliners, how about a combined event into Portland, Oregon? KPSC to KTTD VFR along the Columbia River is a breathtaking sight on a flight that may be 1 to 1. 5 hours depending on type. At the same time, the tube jockeys can fly KSFO to KPDX, for about the same duration.
  15. The official answer is that POSCON plans to support FS20 when it is released. Unofficially, I believe I saw someone say in the POSCON Discord somewhere that it works with the existing FSX/P3D client! While somewhat surprising, it seems to make sense because "SimConnect" is the protocol which connects external apps with FSX and P3D, and the development blogs and Q&As from MS regarding FS20 has said that SimConnect will continue to be supported. So, long story short, it *may already* work. Here's a thought -- try it and let us know! (Just don't violate your NDA with MS!)

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