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POSCON Weekly VFR Sessions

Andrew Heath

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Introducing POSCON Weekly VFR Sessions

Join us every Saturday between 1700z and 1930z as we staff up regional air traffic control towers on the Positive Control Network with live ATC.

This is a great opportunity to practice your aviation phraseology and get feedback from controllers on how you are doing, while simultaneously helping POSCON test the ATC system.

Come and enjoy your new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with POSCON's high refresh/update rates and unmatched audio technology.

How will it work?

Every Saturday, we will staff up a new air traffic control tower and guarantee air traffic control service from 1700z to 1930z.

What is the best way to participate?

That's totally up to you! The goal is for you to practice your phraseology and enjoy the most realistic VFR experience on any network available. Here are some suggestions though:

  • Spawn up at a ramp and request to join the traffic pattern.
  • Fly-in from a remote location.
  • Depart and fly a cross-country.

Where can I find more information?

Check this forum thread every Friday to learn what the weekly featured airport is and any specific procedures that will apply to that particular airfield.

I am a newbie, can I attend?

Of course! These events are designed to accommodate all experience levels.


Attention Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 Users! Make sure multiplayer is turned off within the sim or you will see traffic that is not connected to POSCON.

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