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Welcome to the Chinese! 欢迎来到中国!

Andrew Heath

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Hello and welcome to everyone interested in the China Division of POSCON! I have created this forum to explore the possibility of releasing a division for China during beta testing. The only way we will release with this division is if enough people show interest, so get all your friends to join this club and make sure that they stay active! If there is enough interest and discussion, we will devote our resources to creating the necessary infrastructure. We are going to need your help though with sector file construction and writing procedures! If you have any interest in helping us write this material, please email [email protected]


欢迎大家光临POSCON中国分部!我已经创建了这个论坛,以探索在测试期间发布中国分部的可能性。我们发布这个分部的唯一方法是,如果有足够多的人表现出兴趣,那么让所有的朋友加入这个俱乐部,并确保他们保持活跃!如果有足够的兴趣和讨论,我们将投入资源创造必要的基础设施。我们将需要你的帮助,虽然与部门档案建设和写作程序!如果您有兴趣帮助我们撰写此材料,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]

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Hi, my name is Hongfeng Zhang.

First of all, I am very happy to join POSCON. I am from China. I hope to join and develop the Poscon China division.

But I have a problem: In recent years, there have been more and more Chinese flight simulator players. As a result, there are also many platforms in the local area, and some players will join VATSIM through VPN. I want to know if Poscon will build a server in China? After all, this is relatively friendly to Chinese players.

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On 2/22/2021 at 6:48 AM, Andrew Heath said:

I don't think we will have a server in China, no. But we would love to see Chinese players on the network.

Other than hosting a server in China, is there anything else we can do to encourage Chinese players?


  I am also a fellow flight sim enthusiast from China myself, just tried out POSCON today and I found myself in love with the User Experience it provides, I am sure it can take off among us Chinese players if the proper localization is introduced, (for example Multilingual Website, clients and also training materials). Also have you guys considering bringing partner VAs on board? I myself am an owner of a VA community based off a Chinese Airline that is mostly faced for Chinese simmers and im already starting to advertising POSCON within my community, it would be a great help for attracting more Chinese player to bring on board some Chinese based VA partners. Server-wise i find it pretty stable with my Chinese home network, it shouldn't be a big issue.

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