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ATC Update - Divisions now accepting Air Traffic Controllers

Greetings Captains! On June 28th, POSCON has decommissioned the google form/quiz to become ATC on the POSCON network. It was originally designed to get people on the scopes, with no divisions and begin various functions of ATC testing. Now that we have some divisions, with staff in place it's time to move to the next step. From this point if you want to become ATC you must use the division list. Steps to become ATC: Go to https://hq.poscon.net/divisions/list Make sure yo

Brandon F. (1018972)

Brandon F. (1018972) in ATC

December 2021 Update

CAPTAINS, (if you have been in the flight simulation community long enough, you will understand the "Captains" reference) The last technology blog post was published in May of 2020, and what a long journey it has been for our team since then! Thankfully that long arduous development journey has come to an end and users will be able to benefit from our hard work. I want to start off by answering some common questions and clearing misconceptions. Is POSCON dead? Absolutely

Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath

May 2020 Update

On April 1st, 2020 we officially began approving invites to the POSCON Invite-Only Beta. We are now almost two months into our release and it still brings me great excitement every time I see a new user experience POSCON features for the first time. We learned a great deal in the first few days and weeks after the initial release. One thing that became abundantly clear was that we need to have a central location to refer users to in regards to what features are functional, what features are stil

Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath

February 2020 Update

The Invite-Only Beta is almost upon us, so it is a great time for another development update! Pending final bug fixes, we will be sending out the approval emails to the invited users soon. If you are lucky enough to get one, you will be authorized to access our software at the time you receive the email. Those who make it into Phase 1 will receive invite codes for Phase 2 to distribute at your discretion, but those codes will not be immediately available. We will keep you posted on when the

Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath

August 2019 Update

Earlier this year, we created an MVP (or Minimum Viable Product) list of features that need to be completed before our first public release. Since defining these specific objectives, our development team has been laser focused and, as a result, we have made tremendous strides in POSCON's technological development. In June 2019, we attended FSExpo where I was interviewed by Callum Martin from FSElite and we revealed our roadmap to release announcement. This announcement had a significant impact o

Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath


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