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This club was created to recruit members to the POSCON India Division.
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  2. Congratulations guys wishing you all the best for the future of the Indian Division I know you are all in safe hands with Divya flying the flag are you guys.
  3. The India Division Team appointed (details attached) - come fly with us! Connect with us in POSCON India server. Don't forget to link your Discord in HQ - https://discord.poscon.net/link POSCON India - Division Team.pdf
  4. Date: August 15th, 2021 Departure Time: 1130z Route: VOBL-VOHS For more information refer to our Forum link:
  5. Date: Saturday, 10th July, 2021 ATC online timings: 1400z-1600z For more information refer to our Forum link:
  6. Date: Saturday, 3rd July, 2021 ATC online timings: 1400z-1600z For more information refer to our Forum link: https://forums.poscon.net/calendar/event/1138-calicut-fly-in/
  7. Date: Saturday, 19th June, 2021 ATC online timings: 1400z-1600z For more information refer to our Forum link:
  8. Date: June 12th, 2021 Departure Time: 1400z Route: VAPO - VAAH For more information refer to our Forum link:
  9. Date: June 5th, 2021 Departure Time: 1400z Route: VOHS - VOMM For more information refer to our Forum link:
  10. This forum post is dedicated to announcing pre-organized group flights in the Indian airspace. Members can follow this page to get notifications! See you all in the virtual skies! Blue Sky As Always
  11. Any Virtual Airlines from Idnia that would be a part of POSCON? I would surely like to have Air India Virtual on POSCON.
  12. Namaskar! if you haven't yet joined our Discord... India Division: https://discord.poscon.net/india
  13. I was the Training Assistant Coordinator of IVAO India Div. Can help you guys with training stuffs, std procedures etc. But i will be comfortable in any roles assigned to me, to help grow the Indian flight sim (poscon) community.
  14. Excellent! Any sector files or SOPs can be sent to [email protected] Please ensure you have permission to send any work that is not your own!
  15. I can write procedures for you. Looking forward to having an Indian Division in beta testing phase.
  16. Hello and welcome to everyone interested in the India Division of POSCON! I have created this forum to explore the possibility of releasing a division for India during beta testing. The only way we will release with this division is if enough people show interest, so get all your friends to join this club and make sure that they stay active! If there is enough interest and discussion, we will devote our resources to creating the necessary infrastructure. We are going to need your help though with sector file construction and writing procedures! If you have any interest in helping us write this material, please email [email protected] नमस्कार और पॉस्कॉन के भारत डिवीजन में दिलचस्पी रखने वाले प्रत्येक व्यक्ति का स्वागत करें! मैंने बीटा परीक्षण के दौरान भारत के लिए एक डिवीजन जारी करने की संभावना का पता लगाने के लिए इस मंच को बनाया है। इस विभाजन के साथ हम केवल एक ही रास्ता दिखाएंगे, यदि पर्याप्त लोग रुचि दिखाते हैं, तो अपने सभी दोस्तों को इस क्लब में शामिल होने और सुनिश्चित करें कि वे सक्रिय रहें! यदि पर्याप्त रुचि और चर्चा है, तो हम आवश्यक संसाधनों का निर्माण करने के लिए आवश्यक संसाधनों को समर्पित करेंगे। हमें क्षेत्र की फ़ाइल निर्माण और लेखन प्रक्रियाओं के साथ हालांकि आपकी मदद की आवश्यकता होगी! अगर आपको इस सामग्री को लिखने में मदद करने में कोई रुचि है, तो कृपया [email protected] पर ईमेल करें


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