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  1. Dear all POSCON member , On behalf of Poscon Taiwan Division , we are please to announcement our new discord server welcome everyone join our discord (Taiwan Division Discord ) Cheers , Benson Wong Alpha Tester | PositiveControl(POSCON)LLC. Division Founder | Hong Kong ,China,Taiwan, Malaysia Division Helper | Korean,Japan,Indonesia
  2. benson wong

    Join our Discord Channnel

    yeah cant wait :))
  3. POSCON malaysia Division Discord come to join us link: MALAYSIA DISCORD Benson Wong -----Division Helper
  4. benson wong

    Join our Discord Channnel

    I am very happy to see other division in the Asian region light up . If you are interested, please join us .Indonesia division already upload the SOP and SECTOR
  5. benson wong

    Discord chat

    that discord server are not longer available , if you want to join discord you're welcome to join u s(hong kong division discord ) Korean division are in our sub channel
  6. benson wong

    POSCON Hong Kong Division update

    sorry is Thanks to Gary Law and Jacky wan
  7. Over this few months, I would please to announce we will have a new era for POSCON Hongkong Division. We got support from IVAO HK staff team. We hope to meet all the requirements and let us enter to beta. **Thanks to Jacky wan, Garw Law POSCON HK Division volunteer Team
  8. benson wong

    Discord chat

    it is great to see another Asia division active
  9. Dear all fellow members , we need to prepare the sector and SOP for the korea division , if someone want to help or have any idea please don't hesitate to pm me for more information thanks Benson Wong
  10. @Andrew if didn't have any sop that mean cant to release the division at beta ? even have enough member
  11. china airspace sop and sector creations we need your help ! if interest just pm me !
  12. benson wong

    Hong Kong Division SOP creation

    @Andrew if you don't mine please also send one to me thanks
  13. benson wong

    Hong Kong Division SOP creation

    also need someone to work with us
  14. HONG Kong division discord thanks
  15. benson wong

    join hongkong division discord

    Hk division discord link

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