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    Macau (VMMC) Terminal Procedures Transition Altitude: 9000 FT, Transition Level: FL110 SID 34 (HK07) SID 34 (HK25) SID 16 TTR EXIT SOUSA3T (2V+) SOUSA3U (2W+) SOUSA2P V1 DOTMI V13 LELIM CONGA2T (1V+) CONGA3U (2W+) CONGA2P V2 ELATO V3 ENVAR GRUPA2T (1V+) GRUPA3U (2W+) GRUPA2P V4 NOMAN V5 SABNO ALLEY2T (1V+) ALLEY2U (1W+) ALLEY2P V10 SIKOU V31 IDOSI V32 EPDOS DCT CANTO VHHH BIGRO5D/7D(8D#) BIGRO2D/3D(1D*) - BIGRO MIPAG5D/7D(6D#) MIPAG2D/9D(1D*) - MIPAG NLG5D/7D(6D#) NLG2D/9D(1D*) - NLG SHL5D/7D(6D#) SHL2D/9D(1D*) - SHL ENTRY TRANSITIION STAR 34 STAR 16 DOTMI DCT SAMMI J101 SMT SMT4A SMT5B ELATO J101 SMT SMT4A SMT5B SABNO DCT TOFEE DCT SUKER DCT ALDOM J103 ROBIN DCT CHALI CHALI4A CHALI5B SIKOU J104 CHALI IDOSI DCT DASON J104 CHALI CHALI4A CHALI5B DUMOL J103 ROBIN DCT CHALI PECAN DCT BIGRO - BIGRO6A/7A BIGRO9A/1A CON - CON6A(7A*) CON9A POU - POU6A/8A(7A*) POU9A/1A NLG - NLG5A/7A(6A*) - Effective Date: 27 January 2022 For use when (*MCU / #ZAO / +LKC) DVOR is not available. VMMC STAR-Approach Combination STAR Entry Point LOC Z 16 LOC Y 16 (When MCU Unusable) RNAV LOC X 16 RNP Y (LNAV) 16 RNP Z (AR) 16 ILS Z 34 VOR 34 ILS Y 34 RNAV ILS X 34 RNAV (GNSS) 34 (STAR End Point) ZUH @1800m (5910ft) NLG @2100m (6890ft) ZUH @5900ft NLG @6900ft UJ @2400m (7880ft) MCU @2100m (6890ft) HAZEL @FL110 MC611 @6000ft UJ @2400m (7880ft) ZAO D6.7 @2100m (6890ft) HAZEL @FL110 MC611 @6000ft UJ @7900ft MCU @6900ft HAZEL @FL110 MC611 @6000ft BIGRO BIGRO9A BIGRO1A BIGRO6A - BIGRO7A NLG Nanlang (DCT to IAF) (DCT to IAF) NLG5A NLG6A NLG7A POU Pingzhou POU9A POU1A POU6A POU7A POU8A CON Conghua CON9A - CON6A CON7A - SMT Siu Mo To - SMT5B SMT4A SMT4A SMT4A CHALI - CHALI5B CHALI4A CHALI4A CHALI4A Note: No restrictions are in force for using combinations that are unavailable (e.g. SMT5B-LOCZ16) on the table above as long as altitude profile is monitored and followed closely. Flights from Manila FIR to Macao Airport should route via A583 and to cross SABNO at FL340 or below: ATC shall provide guidance for NOMAN inbound traffic. Route: NOMAN DCT ARROW J103 ROBIN DCT CHALI VMMC_APP SFC-FL120 123.950 (Radio Callsign: Hong Kong Radar) When Zhuhai/Guangzhou ATC is NOT available: Radar coverage extension: VMMC_APP / VHHH_APP / HKG_CTR covers for LLZ/DME 16 procedure flight path. When any of the Zhuhai/Guangzhou ATC is available: (APP/CTR) Hand on/off to Guangzhou should be at HKFIR Boundary: ROMEO-MCU-LATOP; (VMMC_TWR) RWY 34 deps SID ALLEY, CONGA, GRUPA, SOUSA hand off to HK APP/DEP; (VMMC_TWR) RWY 34 deps SID BIGRO, NLG, SHL hand off to Guangzhou; (VMMC_TWR) RWY 16 deps all hand off to HK APP/DEP; accepts LLZ/DME 16 TFC at LATOP.
  2. Wong B

    Message from Division Manager and his Team
  3. Type PDF Charts Aerodrome Aerodrome Layout Visual Markings Lighting Plan Parking Chart Transition Routes Departure Routes Arrival Routes STAR ABBEY BETTY CANTO SIERA RWY 25 RNP APCH IAP 07L ILS LOC VOR RNAV(RNP)z RNAV(RNP)y IAP 07R ILS LOC RNAV(RNP)z RNAV(RNP)y IAP 25L ILS LOC RNAV(RNP)z RNAV(RNP)y IAP 25R ILS LOC VOR RNAV(RNP)z RNAV(RNP)x SID 07L/R BEKOL 3A/C LAKES 3A/C OCEAN 2A/C PECAN 1A/C SID 25L/R BEKOL 2B/D LAKES 2B/D OCEAN 2B/D PECAN 1B/D SID 07L/R Noise Mitigating 1501-2300 Z SID 07L/R ATENA 2A/C LOGAN 3A/C RASSE 3A/C STAKE 3A/C PECAN 1A/C SID 07L/R Radius-to-fix ATENA 1E/F LOGAN 1E/F RASSE 1E/F STAKE 1E/F TITAN 1E/F ROUTE PLANNING Inbound Route Arrival Airport Departure Connecting Route A470 DOTMI V512 ABBEY VHHH LAKES/LOGAN V1 DOTMI A470 M530 LELIM V591 ABBEY LAKES/LOGAN V13 LELIM M530 A1/G581 ELATO V522 ABBEY OCEAN/RASSE V2 ELATO* A1* OCEAN/RASSE V3 ENVAR M750/G581 A461/M501 NOMAN V531 ABBEY OCEAN/SKATE V4 NOMAN A461/M501 A583 SABNO V541 BETTY OCEAN/SKATE V5 SABNO A583 M771/M772 DULOP Q1 CARSO V551 BETTY PECAN V12 EPDOS L642 A1/P901 IDOSI V561 CANTO PECAN V11 IDOSI A1/P901 A202/R339 SIKOU V571 CANTO PECAN V10 SIKOU A202/R339 R473 SIERA BEKOL/ATENA A461 Cruise Level at or below FL270
  4. PREFLIGHT DEPARTURE VIA BEKOL: contact HKG Delivery 15 minutes prior to pushback to ascertain possible Flow Control delays and restrictions. Expect to cross BEKOL at 4800 M (FL157) or above. Heavy weight departures RWY 07 will be unable to achieve 4800 M (FL157) by BEKOL. Advise Delivery if unable 4800 M by BEKOL and request additional track miles. Airspace after BEKOL has been reclassified and the minimum available level is 4800 M with Guangzhou Control. DEPARTURES TO ZSPD AND ZBAA: contact Delivery to ascertain current delays and restrictions. ATC COMMUNICATIONS [DATA LINK PDC: request at STD – 20 minutes. PDC must be accepted within 5 minutes of receipt.] EXPECTED RUNWAY RWY 07R / 25L DEPARTURE TERMINAL TRANSITION ROUTES: V1 to V5 and V10 to V12 form the initial part of the route. CAUTION TERRAIN: within 10 NM to the north and south up to 3,280 FT. 25 NM TD VOR MSA is 4,300 FT. WINDSHEAR: possible when the surface wind is in the sector 100 to 220 degrees. NOISE ABATEMENT RWY 07 L / R: standard. BTW 2301 to 0700 LT: unofficial noise abatement imposed. RWY 07 preferred, wind conditions permitting. SPEED CONTROL MAX 250 KTS at or below 10,000 FT. SID RESTRICTIONS: mandatory. Refer to Nav Chart. CANCEL SPEED CONTROL: immediate acceleration is available at any point on the departure after ATC cancel speed control. ATC will already have calculated that the aircraft will remain within the departure terrain safety area with allowances for climb performance, wind and higher departure speed. FIR RESTRICTIONS PLANNED CLIMB SPEED ON TRANSITION M0.78 OR LESS: advise HKG RDR for traffic separation planning. CRUISING LEVEL: to ensure efficient coordination with adjacent ATC units, all departing aircraft are required to reach assigned cruising levels at or before the specified reporting points. Refer DEPARTURE Transition charts. Failure to reach assigned levels may result in the loss of standard separation. Inform ATC as soon as possible if unable so an alternative clearance can be coordinated. VIA DOTMI: northbound departures can expect the following assigned cruising levels with a requirement to reach by SOUSA: * To Xiamen: 6900 M (FL226) or 7500 M (FL246) * To Shanghai: FL330 or FL410. Ensure ATC are advised early if extra track miles are required.
  5. ARRIVALS RWY 07L / R: appropriate speed and configuration prior to LOC intercept is strongly recommended, especially in IMC, as the short final segment on the ILS will result in a high and unacceptable rate of descent during the final approach. RWY 07R / 25L: ATC will allocate PAX ACFT this runway when operations permit. Do not request unless operationally essential. SPEED AND ALTITUDE RESTRICTIONS: * MANDATORY: may be identified on the STAR chart by a 'dialogue box' adjacent to the waypoint. Speed and/or altitude restrictions shall always be complied with as published unless restrictions are specifically cancelled by ATC or the SID/STAR is cancelled by, for instance, assignment of a radar heading. * FURTHER DESCENT: after complying with the published mandatory restrictions (e.g. MUSEL 280 KTS/FL130), ATC may impose further (unpublished) descent requirements, (e.g. "Reach FL110 by TD"), which are subsequently amended, (e.g. "Descend to 8,000 FT, QNH 1012") without specifying a requirement to comply with the previous restriction. This new descent clearance implies an unrestricted descent. CAUTION TERRAIN: within 10 NM to the north and south up to 3,280 FT. 25 NM TD VOR MSA is 4,300 FT. WINDSHEAR AND TURBULENCE: possible on all RWYs with strong wind due local terrain and adjacent buildings. [RWY 07R/25L: Possible GS fluctuations due interference by taxiing aircraft. ATC will advise by ATIS. RNAV (RNP) approach may be requested for approved aircraft and qualified crew.] RWY 07R / 25L AUTOLAND: PIREPS indicate LOC signal integrity during rollout is subject to distortion. Disconnect autopilot after nosewheel touchdown. NOISE ABATEMENT BTW 2301 to 0700 LT: official noise abatement imposed. RWY 07 preferred, wind conditions permitting. SPEED CONTROL MAX 250 KTS at or below 10,000 FT. STAR RESTRICTIONS: mandatory. Refer to Nav Chart. ALTERNATES PRIMARY ALTERNATE: Macao (VMMC/MFM) for all aircraft types up to B747-8. Macao will be used when the weather conditions permit approaches to RWY 34. If the weather forecast indicates only MFM RWY 16 would be available then another alternate should be selected.
  6. Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH) is Hong Kong's main airport, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also referred to as Chek Lap Kok International Airport or Chek Lap Kok Airport,香港國際機場 ELEVATION 28 FT AMSL OPERATING HOURS H24 UTC+8 * RWY 07L/25R closed 1730-2359 U every Tue, Wed and Sat. * RWY 07R/25L closed 1730-2359 U every Mon, Thu, Fri and Sun. Scenery Recommendation
  7. ATM Air Traffic Manager EC Events Coordinator FE Facility Engineer WM Webmaster @Andrew D.
  8. Welcome my Friends you can join our Hong Kong Division Discord if you wish https://discord.gg/3dehMFy Cheers Benson
  9. How can I become a beta tester? - We are no longer accepting any new beta testers; however, we do plan to expand our test in the near future. If you are interested in participating, please keep an eye on the forums and the Discord server for announcements. When we are ready to expand, we will most likely be pulling applications from our application pool. You can proactively submit an application by visiting this thread: HOPE IT CAN HELP YOU Best Regards, Benson Wong
  10. Dear all POSCON member , On behalf of Poscon Taiwan Division , we are please to announcement our new discord server welcome everyone join our discord (Taiwan Division Discord ) Cheers , Benson Wong Alpha Tester | PositiveControl(POSCON)LLC. Division Founder | Hong Kong ,China,Taiwan, Malaysia Division Helper | Korean,Japan,Indonesia
  11. POSCON malaysia Division Discord come to join us link: MALAYSIA DISCORD Benson Wong -----Division Helper
  12. I am very happy to see other division in the Asian region light up . If you are interested, please join us .Indonesia division already upload the SOP and SECTOR
  13. someone already ask it you can watch this topic https://forums.poscon.net/topic/77-pilot-rating-training/?tab=comments#comment-1009
  14. that discord server are not longer available , if you want to join discord you're welcome to join u s(hong kong division discord ) Korean division are in our sub channel
  15. Over this few months, I would please to announce we will have a new era for POSCON Hongkong Division. We got support from IVAO HK staff team. We hope to meet all the requirements and let us enter to beta. **Thanks to Jacky wan, Garw Law POSCON HK Division volunteer Team
  16. I'm available approx. 50%+ of the event due to time zones , I ALSO AN Denver ARTCC VISITOR CONTROLLER PREVIOUS HCF ARTCC HOME CONTROLLER 2. i7 7700, GTX 1080TI, 16GB DDR4 3200MHZ SSD FSE:FSX (*EXPECT) //P3D V4 Hardware: yokes, throttles rudder pedals(SATIEK) , SURFACE PRO (FLIGHT PLAN ETC) // TWO SCREEN ) //1000M (Fibre-Optic Broadband) 3. HONG KONG (GMT+8) 4 .B777 ,B787,B747 5. PM Sent.
  17. hi all members just an update about me Hong Kong international airport (VHHH) My name is Benson Wong VATSIM senior student (S3) controller and also on going the p4 visiting as VATWA ,VATPRC also Thailand Vietnam vacc . then at some china flight sim network i am an ADM also C1 ratting they are call https://www.fscenter.cn/ . it was fun when control china airspace . i am very interest on aviation from the real world i am maintenance the air traffic control system at hongkong as before i am an aircraft mechanic almost 4 years doing line and base maintenance as well .work at airport almost 5 years my flight sim story is start at 2012.. . . . vhhx just an amazing airport .....
  18. it is great to see another Asia division active
  19. Dear all fellow members , we need to prepare the sector and SOP for the korea division , if someone want to help or have any idea please don't hesitate to pm me for more information thanks Benson Wong
  20. seem ivao atc client have a very big update (ivac2)
  21. @Andrew if didn't have any sop that mean cant to release the division at beta ? even have enough member

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