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  1. Yes, thats what im looking for.. The airport mappings are complete so that is not not in the to-do list
  2. As a Ivac2 DP member. I must say, Creating an FIR on IVAC2 must be a very simple task. This depends to the access of RL datasources such as AIP etc. With XML its pretty easy to code as you dont really need to understand XML as i would use a pre defined method. This makes it easier for me. Currently for IVAO i am developing the sectors for WSJC | DGAC and UGGG FIR Yet again you do have a point. The usage of IVAC2 is initially complex but as you put more hours into it, it becomes easier to use.
  3. Andrews, What do you necessarily want.. Pictures of e.g (European based radars)?
  4. Hello guys, i would love to start creating SOPs for the Uk division. I would really need a hand in making those SOPs as there a many on the list in the FIR. So if you want to help please just pm me. Thanks!!
  5. Now that is spectacular. I have never seen a client do something like this before. Well done and good Luck!!
  6. sure, but may I know if the client will be mainly be have a look alike to Euroscope or something more used in Europe? Or can be both?
  7. It does sound like a good idea. Well the way i would interpret it is a Supervisor system which authorized "Supervisor Audit managers" can finally Vito or accept the system automated decisions on a member. Basically POSCON team having the final authority to revoke the automated decision made by the Auto Supervisor.
  8. Any new pics of the controller client please. I would like to have another peek!
  9. Additionally, any possibilities for rating transfer from IVAO/VATSIM?
  10. Dear division members, I am announcing a banner contest for the Hong Kong Division. The following are open: - Division Banner - ATC banner - Pilot banner - Awards banner [ATC support] | [Pilot support] RULES: -In this contest, all sorts of edits are allowed. -Submissions are accepted exclusively via this thread and must be at least 1200x800 in size. -The banner must be your own artwork. - You may wish to do all or any of the above.
  11. Well how about Insets? Having a smaller screen as the side of the window when controlling?
  12. Not sure if this question has been asked but here goes.... Is this ATC client going to be cross-platform or can be only be used in Windows. Additionally, do you have any ideas about data-prepping in similar instances of the way IVAC2 creates their sector files. It would be great if people could have the format on how a sector can be made. Thanks and good luck!!
  13. Hello, I'll be soon starting to create the Hong Kong division's SOP which would help in future controlling training. If you have anything to add in the SOP please PM me so i can add some items.

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