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  1. Andrew Cofone

    Question for people

    A virtual airline should be multi platform.
  2. Andrew Cofone

    Flai question

    I downloaded flai for use with prepared v4. I used the installer and updated my files. Is that it??? Do I have to do anything in v pilot? Does it matter what folder flai is installed into?
  3. Okay now I’m excited!!!!! When will this launch??????
  4. Andrew Cofone

    Study level helicopter

    We need a good study level helicopter.
  5. Wow. Now here’s the million dollar question will the Unicom channel reception be location based? Like in the real world two airports across the country may share the same freq but only nearby aircraft can hear them.
  6. Andrew Cofone

    How will model matching work?

    Multiplayer is great but the one major immersion killer is incorrect model matches. I hope they can figure out a way to correct this. It would be great if the payware companies would license out models of their aircraft for multiplayer representation only. For example, I don’t own the PMDG 737 ngx but it would be great if while flying online with someone who is flying the PMDG 737ngx it shows up on my computer as the PMDG 737 in all its glory instead of a crappy 737 or a crj 700.
  7. My one gripe with vatsim is non voice Unicom. Will poscon have the ability for voice channel unicoms for uncontrolled fields? I hope so.

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