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  1. Gents, Do we have all of our ducks in a row for Jordan?
  2. Hi Andrew, Yes we definitely have EuroScope sectors -- I'll check the format. I know @Maher Abaza updated the sector to match the airport's real world specifications, in addition to some airspace updates. I think we have the guides in the updated SOP that we just received from CARC. I'll double check. As far as SOPs go, we'll reach out to our contacts and get those prepared.
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to make a list of the resources that we have to help establish this division. @Maher Abaza and his team has connections with CARC. I know we have the following: All Jordanian SOPs (aviation side); Updated Airspace Diagrams; List of ATC phraseologies Sceneries: OJAI (almost done) OJAQ (in progress) OJAM (planned) Free Jordanian Sceneries: (OJMF, OJO1, and a couple of airbases and strips throughout the country) As far as POSCON is concerned, what other resources do we need?
  4. I'll pass on the link and recruit more folks to this wonderful division. Our counterparts have real world connections with CARC (Jordan's equivalent to the FAA), and we're more than hopeful that we can start a Jordanian Division on POSCON. Just so you guys know, Maher Abaza is very familiar with Jordanain procedures and would make a fantastic leader for this wonderful division.

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