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Wong B

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Emengecy sqw code at poscon 

Since on both network some sqw code can be use and some cant will poscon also can use the sqw code when during flight ?

schedule and non schedule flight 


Since we also have some airline system according to the system shall the airline submit their schedule flight for the division so they can be first to service sure to the non schedule flight and also for the home airline also have the first priory

Weather at the flight plan

The issue will be some flight user maybe didnt have and weather or wind function for their flight simulators would the flight plan also have the function for them to put that down so the controller will know he have an default weather at the flight simulators


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  • Network Directors

Hijacking would be the only squawk code we will NOT allow.

Divisions will not control airline scheduling, that will be network level and handled by an automated system.

We will be providing weather injections, especially for winds aloft. We are actually still working out how to make sure all the weather engines play "nice" with each other though.

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