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Crowdsourcing Data

Andrew Heath

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We are introducing a way for people who want to help contribute to the development of POSCON to do so... by crowdsourcing data.

In order to get a division up and running, we need three things: people, SOPs, and sector data. If you have the ability to contribute either of the latter two, you can now do so by submitting files to our file repository.

Please note, that you must OWN the file or have PERMISSION to submit the file in order to contribute it to POSCON. If you do not own the file or do not have permission to submit it, DO NOT SUBMIT THE FILE!

I have created only two categories, but will start to create more categories/sub-categories as we populate the repository.

You can access the repository here:



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  • Network Directors

Just to clarify a few things...

  1. Uploaded files are visible to all members, so that people know what has been uploaded for a certain division. However...
  2. Files are NOT downloadable by anyone but POSCON staff to prevent unwanted distribution.
  3. If you want a more secure upload, we can arrange the files to not be visible... just email [email protected]


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I'm sorry for asking these noob questions.

I'm sure files of other networks aren't allowed to be shared, so I guess they need to be build from scratch.

Is there any documentation available on these sector file formats?

Are there any specific tools available to build these files?

Any tips?


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