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UK Division SOP creation

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I think the best method here is to come up with a set of sections that need to exist for all airports in the UK, and then from that add extra sections as require at airports such as EGKK and EGLL. Maybe we should make some sort of shared thing to confer on these plans (i'll see what I can come up with), and allow people to add and edit the info that they know

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On 1/25/2018 at 8:18 PM, Lukas Svaton said:

Hello guys,

i would love to start creating SOPs for the Uk division. I would really need a hand in making those SOPs as there a many on the list in the FIR. So if you want to help please just pm me. Thanks!!

Are you wanting the whole of the UK to be done?(other than the obvious: Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, etc) i.e. Stansted, cardiff, newcastle, glasgow and so on and so fourth.

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I'd like to help.  I always have the air band on listening into Stansted, and work and spot regularly at Cambridge so I feel those are two airports I could help with in particular.  However, I'll happily help in anyway I can, even if it's sifting through the CAP.413 to find relevant ATC calls to put into training material.

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