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Age Restriction


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Hi Guys, Really looking forward to Poscon! I just have an idea to perhaps restrict the age of who can register to eliminate the trolls on frequency. It's really just an idea, I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but if they have then excellent. Either way I am sincerely looking forward to Poscon! 

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13 hours ago, aeroniemi said:

Certainly in europe on vatsim people under 18, and  often under 16 make up a good 30-40% of pilots, many of which are as good, or better than some of the older people.

Right yeah i totally agree with you there. It just gets annoying sometimes lol.

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I would say age does not necessarily reflect if people are trolls or not. Ie every 12 year old is not a troll. Rather it's based on their maturity. An entry exam for the network would do wonders on baring trolls from entering the network, and ensure the pilots are qualified enough to fly and maintain a decent element of realism on the network. 

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