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First Division Managers Selected!

Matt B. (1011215)

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Per Andrew Heath published on Discord


I will be out of town for the next few days for work, but before I go, I wanted to make a very special announcement... we have our first three Division Manager appointments! Join me in congratulating Anthony Colduck for his appointment to the UK Division Manager position, Sven Schneeweiss for his appointment to the Germany Division Manager position, and Divya Patel for his appointment to the India Division Manager!

I think it is important to answer a few questions that are sure to arise from this announcement:

Q: Does this mean the UK, Germany, and India Divisions are officially open?
A: No, please give the Division Manager's some time to establish themselves in their new roles and create the resources members will need.

Q: Can I still control in the UK, Germany, and India?
A: Yes, you can still request authority access for ATC through the normal ATC Application process https://forms.gle/tu6NbXVid8WAaNMVA. PLEASE, do NOT click the "Become an ATC" button from the respective Division page. The logic on that button was not coded correctly and we will be deploying a fix for it soon.

Q: Can I join the UK, Germany, or India Divisions as a pilot?
A: Yes, we encourage you to join the Divisions as a pilot and also to join the respective Discords.


Again, for now, please DO NOT CLICK this button. Use the application link above to join as ATC.

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