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Proposed Initial Sector File Format

Andrew Heath

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Some people have emailed me and asked what the sector file format for our ATC client will be.

I have spoken to our team and we are operating on the idea that the initial sector file format will be the same as that used in the current EuroScope client. This means it will most likely be SCT2.

While this is a proposal only and the decision is not 100% final, we most likely will take this path in order to expedite the release of the network. In future releases of the ATC client, we will be moving away from this format.

Please reference this manual for further details on how to create these files.

If you are interested in producing sector files for your division, please contact "[email protected]"


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18 minutes ago, aeroniemi said:

Either that or I've spent too much time compiling a plugin to do it in euroscope

was that ever released found sourcecode on github for it but could never compile it xDxD

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On 4/12/2018 at 6:39 AM, QUIG said:

@Andrew  I'm speaking of an editor along the style of WYSIWYG with respect to the geographical elements of the sector.  ie the boundaries and various sector lines.  An editor in which you can select a graphically displayed element and change its position on screen and record that change.

The only thing as close to a "Graphic Editor" would be SectEd (https://sites.google.com/site/vatsimtools/sected) however its very old and can crash on a daily basis!

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