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How can I be a Poscon controller?

Kim 1028182

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Hey Kim,

Thank you for being interested in POSCON. If you want to join as ATC you just need to follow a few easy steps:

Steps to become ATC:
1. Go to https://hq.poscon.net/divisions/list
2. Make sure you are in the ATC mode (top right near donate button)
3. Any division that shows "Active" you can join as ATC
4. If this is your first time being ATC the button will indicate "Become ATC" - this will have you complete the ATC Onboarding CBT. Once this is complete go back to that division page and click on "Join as ATC"
5. If you are already ATC on POSCON and wish to join an active division, simply just click on "Join as ATC"

If a division does NOT show active, you cannot join as ATC. This is either by choice of division staff, or the facility data is not ready yet. You may also find some divisions that choose to restrict certain positions, any information related to this must be discussed on their respective discords. If a division that you would like to see active is not and does not have a Division Manager please send a application to [email protected]

How do I know if a division manager is in place? Click on that division and select "Teams", if you see an "Administrators" team that means they have a division manager. Alternatively you can check this list here https://forums.poscon.net/docs/policies/network/divisions/arrangement/

If you have any other questions you can also look at the FAQ here: https://forums.poscon.net/docs/support/faq/atc/#section-331


With kind regards,

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6 hours ago, Burak 1031930 said:

It would be really nice to vitalize the inactive divisions

I agree but also disagree with you, the reason why I disagree is that the inactive divisions aren't set up properly. You can't go online if the division isn't working/functioning as it should. (You can but it would be very difficult)
Even the active divisions aren't 100% done as I am aware.
That's also the reason why these divisions are put on inactive. The only way to make them active is by new members or existing members that have great knowledge of the airspace of a specific country. These members would likely fit the facility data specialist position or division manager position. 

So if you would put the divisions on active, it would not directly mean that they are functioning and for that reason, we like to keep them separate from the divisions that are almost 100% done to avoid confusion.
I saw that you were looking forward to the Turkish division. It might be an idea for you to apply for a position.?

Other than that is to wait until it is done.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them anywhere!

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