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  1. Hi there Mal and welcome to POSCON! I am not that certain I got your question. You should only tick that box if your callsign is your aircraft registration (e.g. OECFL or HV123B). If you have a specific callsign that contains the ICAO code of an airline, scheduled or unscheduled, or anything of the like you should enter that one there (e.g. EWG2WE or AUA1L) and add the registration in any case in the other fields box with REG/OEIEU or REG/OELBA etc.
  2. Hi there, Mind explaining further? Where exactly is the issue? Do you receive an error message? If, what does it say? You will need to provide us with more information
  3. It's your own model matching. You can set default aircrafts in the pilot client and if you dont have the model another aircraft has loggen in as you'll see them as a CRJ
  4. It's normal behavior that if you have it set to stby it still still show TCAS STBY. So you received a squawk through the pilot UI in the browser, departed as normal at the time you have entered your EOBT and it still didnt show your route on the live map?
  5. Check the following location and file: AppData\Local\POSCON\SimConnect\Environment.JSON What does it say?
  6. Hi! So just to confirm things, you have the POSCON launcher running, then start xplane steam Edition and it still claims that the launcher isn't running? Is xplane starting as an admin?
  7. Hey there and welcome to Poscon! A newbie question (or more like a foolish one) is one that's never asked! I'm able to answer some of those: 1) You launch the actual pilot client through the Plugin menu within X-Plane so that statement is incorrect. 2) The POSCON Launcher is a different tool. You have to download it through hq.poscon.net -> Bottom left on 'More Menu' -> 'Launcher Download'. That one needs to run - but can be in the background. 3) You need the browser once when you start the Launcher to log in. Then once again to file flight plans and possibly see other traf
  8. https://forums.poscon.net/clubs/43-switzerland-division/
  9. The way I got it is that it is currently in closed beta and will eventually be expanded in the future

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