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How will model matching work?

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Multiplayer is great but the one major immersion killer is incorrect model matches.  I hope they can figure out a way to correct this.  It would be great if the payware companies would license out models of their aircraft for multiplayer representation only.  For example, I don’t own the PMDG 737 ngx but it would be great if while flying online with someone who is flying the PMDG 737ngx it shows up on my computer as the PMDG 737 in all its glory instead of a crappy 737 or a crj 700.

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The issue with payware models is that they have to be reduced to a lower polygon count in order to be effective models. If you try to use payware models as-is, then your frames would be absolute garbage.

Our model matching is very good, and will continue to improve over time through user submissions. We are creating a way for users to contribute to our model matching base package.

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I agree it would be great for commercial companies to jump in and do some kind of licensing for this.  And yes, the as-is models would be really rough on usability, especially if you flew into an area where 25 others were all using commercial (say PMDG) models.  BUT, if PMDG and other companies realized that many people are flying online in communities like this, they could release a version of their aircraft created JUST FOR this type of thing.  I have no idea on the poly counts of these things, so my numbers are just for comparison reference.  Say you have a PMDG model that has full VC, animations, and 20,000 polys.  Well, that's great to fly, but I simply want to SEE that model when I am flying with YOU that own it.  PMDG could make a basic no frills AI type of model of the same plane with say 3,000 polys.  (again, no clue as to how many these things use...just showing a difference comparison for reference.)  I could buy a pack of PMDG "AI" models so that when you and I fly together, I see what you are actually in.  I would think (and could be very very wrong) that they should be able to take their great planes, strip them down to bare but decent quality models fairly easily.  Then sell them for just a few bucks.  GREAT way for them to increase their market as people would stock their AI with these models....and at some point may decide they want to go ahead and buy plane XXX to fly themselves.  

Just my .045 cents!!!

- Greg

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@Greg Swagler

In order for your idea to work, I personally would want a PMDG AI model package to be free. The reason: PMDG does not have enough models to create a comprehensive package.

What COULD be a good idea is to package all the study level aircraft models into one large payware package, but that would require an incredible amount of consensus and agreement among developers. Not sure any of them ever agreed on so much before. 


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