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follow the greens taxi-guidance system

Ct Ng

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At night, in many real world airports, including Heathrow, Air Traffic Controllers guide aircraft by green lights on taxiways. Turning on the green lights of specific taxiways can show the pilots a green path that the aircraft should taxi on. Of course, no green lights means the aircraft should not move.

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Hi Ct Ng

This will be a very good idea from the user end point but from the developer stand point should be difficult becouse need to integrate the system with the scenery wich is most probably developed by another developer and should be difficult to integrate, but in anyway is  a good Idea !


Bella Giorgio

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Another thing on this category is ATCO control of stopbars at holding points, as well as runway lighting. From an X-Plane perspective, control of runway lighting is already possible with the right use of datarefs, but it'd need to be supported and shared by the network. new stopbars and even taxiway lights would be required to implement that or taxi routings, but given the rate of development and interest in this, if it's fairly easy to intergrate I think quite a few devs would take it on

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@aeroniemi from a Xplane stand point is easy to integrate it but in a ESP platform wich include (P3D,FSX,etc...) is more difficult becouse of the scenery developer do things in different ways but we can try to cooperate with them. So in sum up the Idea to pass to the dev group is 

  1.  ATCO stopbars and holding points 
  2. Let try night lighting system 
  3. or in alternative an interactive map 
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I am not a developer, but I will say that I don't foresee us putting in much effort into this until down the road. We need to first establish a market presence and then develop a standard that scenery developers can follow.

One thing that would be neat though is if we could support Runway Status Lights. This would actually require no ATC control, and would run automatically. We are investigating the feasibility of implementing this.

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