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Hi all.

I was wondering if the POSCON devs were/are considering the idea of having air/ground radio at certain (mainly GA) aerodromes. For example, EGSX - North Weald has an Air Ground radio setup where, for those that don't know, pilots tell the radio controller their intentions and the radio controller advises the pilot on any conflicting traffic as well as giving pilots information on active runway and wind etc. Obviously, in reality it's slightly more complicated than that but it should give you a good idea. These radio controllers are put in place so that there is some form of order and situational awareness for traffic and accurate weather information while not having to pay for a fully licensed radar service.

As always, any answer is greatly appreciated.



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Hahah. It's interesting you say that as I think it would make for one hell of an event. IRL, North Weald is so chaotic especially because we have the air ambulance there barging its way through and not to mention, the pattern altitude is just 800ft agl because we have the Stansted TMZ at 1500ft agl so sat in a Cessna or Helicopter at 80kts calling out a 737 500ft above is good excitement. But in short I was thinking more about events like a war bird cross country or something along those lines departing from airports with air-ground.

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Yes, I think it would really be left up to the Divisions to determine if they want to do something like that. If they do decide to allow those frequencies to be opened, then it needs to be very clear in the documentation how that works and who is authorized to control it.

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