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Flight simulator support


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3 hours ago, aeroniemi said:

Which flight simulators intend to be supported by the pilot client?

Additionally, has anyone thought about VR, which is coming to X-Plane this winter, and available through things like flyinside on P3D/FSX/legacy simulators?

P3D, FSX, and X-Plane

Not sure I understand the VR question, what exactly are you asking?

Our pilot client user interface will be web-based, so in theory if your add-on has an iPad in the cockpit and that add-on has a web browser built-in (e.g. Flight Factor A320), you could access the pilot client directly from the sim! :D This would allow you to remain completely immersed in the sim.

I am not going to GUARANTEE that this is going to work, but we are attempting to develop it with this capability.



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7 minutes ago, aeroniemi said:

Good choice of A320, I do love that feature! if it's web based, then I see little issue with that, but what would happen say if your web browser on your FS computer crashed, or you accidentally close the tab? would that lead to a disconnection?

No, I don't believe there is a requirement that the browser needs to remain open while you are connected, but again the UI is not fully developed yet.

This does raise a lot of questions about how one would receive notifications if the browser is not open, but I believe we have a solution for that as well. I will post more detail when we are a little further along.

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Hi Andrew

I am hugely excited by this new venture. With all respect to VATSIM, they have become a dinosaur, unable to cope with the demands of new technology and is hugely nestled within red tape.

Adding to X-Plane, I would beleive that this will be a fat plugin, as is now with X-Squawkbox, rather than an XUIPC.

Good luck and looking forward to the maiden flight on this network.

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