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Nicknames & Display Names

Andrew Heath

HQ Profile > Settings menu proposed changes  

121 members have voted

  1. 1. What additional options should be available under the "HQ Display Name" drop-down menu in HQ Profile > Settings page?

    • POSCON User ID
    • "Anonymous"
    • Both
    • Neither
  2. 2. Would you prefer your Discord nickname to sync with your "HQ Display Name" or do you want the option to specify a unique nickname?

    • Sync with HQ Display Name (this is the current method)
    • Sync with Forum Display Name (this method would allow you to specify a unique nickname)

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A "few"? individuals? What are a "few?"     I don't understand.   This isn't a video game.  Or it isn't supposed to be.  I fail to see why it is so important that we have the ability to hide who we are from each other.  I know everyone screams security but that is a load of $^%$ because that works both ways you know.  I just don't understand.

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I know this is an old thread now and decisions might have been made but I would like to ask why not give people the choice? People in the "It's not a game crowd", well to a lot of people it is... it's not real life and I feel that kind of thinking is what has pushed people away from other platforms similar to POSCON. Is there any harm in giving people the option to choose whether to display their name or a pseudo name? 

At a minimum people should be made aware during sign up that the name they put will be visible - that way they can make something up if they aren't comfortable using a real name. I'd still advocate for full freedom on username, without them being offensive of course. 

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  • Network Directors

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, this ship has sailed. I think the real reason we decided not to allow complete freedom is we wanted to have a mix between gaming and simulation. We desire to have a professional platform, but we also understand that some people still view this as a game. In the end, we came up with a hybrid method.

We give you options for your display name on HQ, with the option to even go completely anonymous by using your user ID:

and your Forum name is up to you:


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