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Windows 8.1/X-Plane 11


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Hi all,

I am running X-Plane 11 on Windows 8.1 & have not been able to get the POSCON X-Plane client to login to the POSCON server.

I am wondering if this is due to Windows 8.1.

If anyone has an identical combination to mine (X-Plane 11/Windows 8.1) & has POSCON working, could they please reply to this topic?

Many thanks,



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Hi all,

If anyone running X-Plane 11 on Windows 8.1 faces the problem of the POSCON X-Plane client not being able to login, with error "POSCON Launcher not Running", then please try the following steps to see if it helps.

1) Check the version of Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 (x86 & x64)  in "CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAM > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES" on your system. If the version is 14.28.29325 or lower/older, then you need to update it to 14.28.29334 (current as of Feb 2021)

2) At the time of writing this, there was no update coming by way of MS KB Update. If that is still the case, you will need to download &  install Visual Studio 2019 Community (free version) on your system & tick "C++ 2019 Redistributable Update" & "C++ 2019 Redistributable MSMs" from the Individual components tab.

3) Once these 2 components have been re-installed, the PC will need to be restarted.

4) After restart it might be worth checking in "CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAM > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES" that the C++ 2019 Redistributable version has been updated to at least 14.28.29334.

5) Now all that is left is to run both POSCON Launcher AND X-Plane 11 as administrator.  And hopefully, the X-Plane POSCON client is able to login to the POSCON network.

Hope this helps,

A quick word of warning: As the POSCON software is still in Beta, all of the above may end up being obsolete by the time the stable final version is released. At least that's my hope.

Good Luck



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