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MAL 1025103



I have been trying to use POSCON's Flight Planning, but I keep on coming up with the issue of "Aircraft Identification" not accepting any ID into it and that includes there suggestions as RED Letters Keep telling me that  "Callsign is invalid. Example: JAL65F, AAL123, AFR9";  and when I click on the Registration  "Check this if Call-sign is Registration" the Aircraft Identification says in RED HV1234B is not valid. Every Time I Press it?

Can someone Please Explain if I am doing something WRONG or What I am Missing here in the Flight Planning?

Thank You

Mal Brown

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Hi there Mal and welcome to POSCON!

I am not that certain I got your question. You should only tick that box if your callsign is your aircraft registration (e.g. OECFL or HV123B). If you have a specific callsign that contains the ICAO code of an airline, scheduled or unscheduled, or anything of the like you should enter that one there (e.g. EWG2WE or AUA1L) and add the registration in any case in the other fields box with REG/OEIEU or REG/OELBA etc.

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On 3/1/2021 at 8:00 AM, MAL 1025103 said:

OK; No Worries,  I WILL give it a bash, and see how I go.

Thank You Chris.

Hey I am just reading this now, make sure you are logging into the correct area as well, it will tell you where you need to log into after you submit your flightplan, right next to the communications and D-ATIS portion.
Please let us now if you have any other issues, and if you were able to fix it. ?

Happy landings!


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