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UAE SOPs in development

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This week we are going to the United Arab Emirates, and we will conduct our VFR session at Dubai Intl. [OMDB].


Dubai International Airport [OMDB] is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic. It is also the fifth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, the sixth-busiest cargo airport in the world, the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements, and the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight.

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Due to the nature of the airspace surrounding the airport, being situated next to 3 other airports (Sharjah Intl, Al-Maktoum Intl, and Al-Minhad AB), the VFR standard operating procedures are very specific and strict. It is mandatory to operate within the declared VFR Routes in the U.A.E AIP.


Tower is equipped with a radar, and most likely is going to issue a unique transponder code to all VFR and IFR flights.

Traffic aiming to conduct VFR circuits will be given taxi to the southern runway (12R/30L) and will remain south of the airfield at all times, maintaining 1,000 ft. AMSL.
VFR traffic leaving the Dubai Control Zone will need a clearance via a VR (VFR Route). Refer to the UAE AIP Chart to familiarize yourself with the VFR Routes and Visual Reporting Points.

  1. Dubai CTA VFR Routes
  2. Dubai CTA Visual Reporting Points

Although this group flight is for VFR operations, IFR departures will be controlled and will need to comply with published SIDs.


ATIS: 131.700
Dubai Tower: 118.750
Emergency (Guard): 121.500

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