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Another Bug found?

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Hello my friends from the community!

Tonight I wanted to give a try to the Beechcraft B1900D (Carenado, Xplane 11) and did a double sector.

I logged as UAL118 (I thought that UCA, CommutAir, was not in the database yet, but actually it was...) for the first flight, KALB-KLGA. Everything went smoothly.

For the second sector, I logged as UAL99 (after disconnecting and taking a 15 minutes break), but when I tried to get clearance, a message appeared telling me something like "server wasn't able to find relative flight plan for this callsign" (I was in the activation timeframe for that second flight plan I prefiled).

But after logging off and on again, the flight plan was found by the server and I was assigned to the right sqwack code, and the flight showed correctly on the map.


Now, I came back 1 hour after the sector was over to check the stats for my flights...just to find out the 2 sectors were merged into one and it was as UAL99.

UAL118 doesn't even appear as callsign in the log.

I actually had some problems before with filing 2 flight plans for consecutive flights (with a distance of 45 minutes between wheels on dest. airport sector 1 and departure time from airport for sector 2 with different callsign). But this is an unique kind of bug, I guess.

I'm just reporting this bug. And a suggestion: Improve the possibility to file 2 flight plans (that have different departure times OFC), so a bug like this will never occur again. Or like the other one (which was related to the callsign used in those 2 flights being the same callsign, I guess).



Thanks for the attention,

I'm proud to support Poscon and help its improvement.


P.S: It's just my opinion, but the lenght of the flight in the graph should be shown as Nautical Miles, not Statute Miles.

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First a point of clarification, because it is to me very confusing. When you refer to "sectors" you should be using the terms "legs" or "flight segments"

Anyway, when you connected to the network, in the connection window where it asks you to specify your ADS-B callsign - did you change this between flights, or leave it the same for both?

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