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If a flight on the map does not have a departure or arrival, it is likely that the pilot did not activate his flight plan, or as you mentioned, it could be because the pilot did not file a flight plan. For IFR flights, a flight plan is required on POSCON. But due to low possibility of ATC being online, some members choose to skip this step.

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Thanks Maher.

becoz the coverage of ATC is so low, they don’t even bother checking if there is any online. Hopefully the attitude of pilots will change.  We need to have a possibility to force these guys to come on to the freq, in my opinion. Or by a force act signal or via pm. 

again thanks for the explanation ??


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It is early to judge this behaviour as "attitude" towards ATC presence. I think it's just a temporary phase while the network is still under development.

As for "forcing" pilots to contact you, if someone does not want to contact you they will simply ghost or disconnect. But there are ways to let pilots know that you want to contact them. ATC have a CPDLC functionality to send a message to any aircraft to contact them (provided that the aircraft is already connected via CPDLC). There is also Guard frequency (121.500) which pilots should be monitoring according to POSCON policies. And finally, there's another moderation tool that allows ATC to contact pilots on any frequency they're tuned to. Other than that, you cannot force change the frequency. The feedback system is used as a last resort to indicate that a pilot was unresponsive to any of the previously mentioned methods.

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