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  1. Syam


    This is an example booking. Please ignore it.
  2. Syam


    This is a test booking. Please ignore - no ATC will actually be online.
  3. Syam


    Covering the UAE airspace for the Dubai - Mumbai event.
  4. Syam

    Dubai Arrivals

    Dubai DEP/APP coverage on 124.900 from 1700z to 1830z
  5. Which flight plan were you trying to edit? On the Flight Plan list page there is a column "EDITABLE UNTIL". After this time, you cannot edit the flight plan. Was this the case?
  6. You need to make sure that your departure time is within 35 minutes. Once you spawn on the ground and are connected online, open the WEB UI and go to ATC -> LOGON. On this page enter the 4 letter FIR you are in, for USA enter KUSA. Then enter your callsign you filed and press the SEND button. You will receive your squawk code after a few second of doing this. Once you do, takeoff to activate your flight plan.
  7. Please contact [email protected] and give details on this. Make sure to include screenshots of what you see. Also, if you have not already tried - try to see if it happens across all your web browsers like Firefox/Chrome/Edge.
  8. Not at the moment as we are developing many of the functions/systems. There's nothing to beta test right now. But since you have registered, we will notify you once we ready for beta testing ?
  9. Hello! If you or someone you know is facing an issue registering on POSCON, let us know here. Please include the date/time when you submitted the registration form. Do not post screenshots or any text that reveal any of your info (emails, activation keys, etc). If it's needed, I'll private message you. Currently, the registration is through the POSCON HQ system. The HQ system handles user management for POSCON. Currently, only the registration and password reset parts of HQ is open to the public. If you are a new member or someone who registered on POSCON forums in the past but never registered on HQ, then you should register at https://hq.poscon.net/register. If you need to reset your password, first make sure that you have already registered on the HQ, then go to: https://hq.poscon.net/password/reset. Enter your e-mail and a reset URL will be emailed to you. Check your e-mail, click the link and reset your password. If successful, you should be able to log into the forums. Username is ALWAYS your e-mail. If you still have issues logging into the forum or registering on HQ, resetting your password through the HQ, drop a post here and note down what date/time you faced the issue and what you were trying to do. Again, do not post your info (emails, activation emails, password reset emails, etc). Thank you!

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