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Tours / Awards system

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10 hours ago, Andrew said:

Do you have any more details on this idea?

Hi Andrew sure i do, Tours is kind of pre-planned flights ex:


After completing these legs you will receive an award ex long haul award 2018, by this system more members maybe will be excited to wait to release tours and start flying.

There is a change to have more awards types maybe, in the future.


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On 2/8/2018 at 5:47 PM, aeroniemi said:

One could even have a dynamic tour system, that generates flights based on ATC and other pilot's activity

That is actually not a bad idea. More traffic which works out well for both pilots and controllers. Which may therefore convince other controllers to open up other airports. Which you would then see an influx of people online. 


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Flights generated based on user definable criteria, including ATC availability, would be a nice to have feature.  This would be especially attractive to those simmers who fly primarily GA, or who fly airliners, but do not want to participate in a virtual airline.

The reason Pilot Edge can exist at their very high price point, yet still attract gamers, is the fact that they guarantee ATC during their business hours.  Being able to generate a flight, that guarantees ATC in the moment, would narrow the gap between paid ATC like P.E., and volunteer ATC like POSCON.

I would envision during the flight generation process, if ATC has committed to a certain length of time, your flight plan would indicate that ATC will be available, barring an unforeseen circumstance.  And if your generated flight plan falls outside of the ATC's commitment, then that would be made clear as well.

Lastly, a cool feature would be to submit a pended flight plan criteria, such as distance, flight time length, ARTCC, or city pair, and when ATC schedules in advance, they you get notified that all your criteria has been met, and you can then plan on making a flight.  No more guessing.

Just some food for thought.


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I love this idea. My two cents would be to create a status board similar to what you see in airports for everyone to see that way you can pre-plan your flights and reserve your slot(obviously have time constraints and consequences for no shows). Other pilots can see that so they can plan accordingly and also so they can see what type of traffic they would be dealing with whether it be GA or Commercial. ATC can see this as well so they can plan to be on if the traffic is beneficial. Subsequently create a ATC status board with their planned online times so pilots can see as well.

Great idea people!!

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I can agree for some elements about the idea to create some awards, but I think that these awards should be assigned only for these users that doesn't fly or make ATC services only with the target to get an award, but with a real spirit to participate to any aspect of the network.

A great idea could be also to create some awards for virtual airlines and division, something such most busiest airport of week/month/year, most active facility TWR/APP/CTR of the week/month/year, most professional airline of division (average of pilot rating for any official airline) most active airline of division for month/year.

Some of these awards developed for division and airlines could be assigned also to every single pilot that has give a contribution to get the division/airline award.

With some awards that can be assigned only if you cooperate with other users, it's possible create a real group spirit inside virtual airlines and divisions.

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