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Joshua Akehurst

Autobrake and Reversers


What would be a good way to decide what autobrake setting and reverse setting (as in idle rev or full rev) to the runway your gonna land at and where on the rwy you wanna vacate.

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@Joshua Akehurst

In most European destinations, the AIPs strictly prohibit the use of reverse thrust (other than idle) unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons. This is okay because most EU runways are long and landing distance calculations for aircraft certification purposes are usually predicated on the use of ground spoilers and brakes ONLY.

Autobrake setting is usually airline and pilot preference. There are very rare cases where the landing distance requires the use of a specific autobrake setting (usually abnormal procedures or contaminated runways).

For the 757/767, I usually set 2 for all runways and then click off the autobrake when I no longer want it engaged. Sometimes, I will even land with the autobrake off, especially if it is a long runway.

All takeoffs require the RTO (Rejected Takeoff) autobrake setting.

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Hi Joshua,

The best way would be to "acquire" the software they use in real life to calculate autobrake setting however this is difficult to get and maybe not strictly legal. The next best thing is a landing performance calculator made for flight simulation use, for example TOPCAT. However these programs not always accurate and are not as detailed as the real deal. And finally the method most of us use is just to have a look at the runway length and set it to what we think will work.

As for reverser operations, that is usually chosen by the specific airline you are flying, for example British Airways use idle reverse as their standard procedure (no clue why, guessing to preserve the life of the engines) but this may vary between fights and airlines.

Simply put, use a landing performance calculator or your eyes to get autobrake setting and if you want reverser setting have a look at the operation for that specific airline.

Hope this helps,


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